Art Risk Monitor™ (ARM) scores artworks on their liquidity as auction sales occur. It identifies the probability of an artwork selling at less than its estimate value at auction.

Qualitative Risk Monitor™ (QRM) scores artworks on their future risk as an object. This score accounts for physical attributes such as condition, title risk and authenticity. 


Get a score or full report on an artwork or collection.

Our process:

  • ARM™ & QRM™ generated

  • 24- hour desktop risk-check and indication of lending potential

  • Vetted expert specialist examination of artworks

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COllection monitor (BETA VERSION)

COLLECTION MONITOR is expected to launch for individuals in 2020

Monitor your collection stats live on one dashboard with our Collection Monitoring Software. This tool combines all elements of Overstone’s services into one intuitive, easy-to-use system. 


  • Real-time view of ARM, QRM and documentation for each artwork

  • Full transport encryption using AWS services

  • Constant system monitoring and attack detection

  • Permissions control of access to data for multiple users

  • Constant audit to track changes to records and report requests

  • Generate PDF reports on demand 



We provide financing solutions for individuals and private collectors through our relationships with over thirty bank and non-bank specialised lenders. 


90% of art-backed lending activity within the EU requires art pieces and collections to be held in storage during the collateral holding period. 

Have your treasured works of art showcased in exhibitions and museums during the loan process with FIN EXPO.